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Chump Bait

I remember in the early ’40s, back there, when I was a kid working on the city desk in the Detroit Free Press. It was Sunday, four o’clock in the morning, somebody phoned in a story, and I had no way to check it out.

It was either print the biggest story of the century and beat every paper in the city by hours — or kill it. I was a gutsy kid, so I decided to print it.

You want to know what that story was? I’ll tell you what that story was. The Japanese had just bombed…San Diego.

—Lou Grant, “WJM Tries Harder,” The Mary Tyler Moore Show

If Jose Reyes becomes a Miami Marlin, we’ll know for sure. We’ll know because multiple reliable sources will report it and we’ll know because you’ll hear me yowling in agony.

But until then, take with a pound of salt any breathless bulletins that exclusively confirm “a done deal,” considering Jose’s only just begun to shop his services — no matter what protective headgear he may don when visiting construction sites.


Caution: Falling Rumor Zone.

Which doesn’t make this process and its array of unfavorable potential outcomes any less of a nightmare.

Thanks a lot, Wilpons.