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Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

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Gold Digging

To be uncommonly brief about it (and trust me, I plan to be more expansive on the topic in the very near future), congratulations to the New York Mets for getting it. They get that their 50th anniversary is a big deal, and they are making a big deal out of it. You can read the official details here and visit their dedicated site here, but for bringing Banner Day down from the attic, for offering up a literal handful of decade-themed bobbleheads and for working blue in their coming golden anniversary season, this historically minded Mets fan says way to go.

10 comments to Gold Digging

  • Ray

    I’m viewing this in Google Chrome, so I assume the part of the news release announcing the long-term Reyes extension just got cut off.

    • Since I seem to be on a Lou Grant kick, you’ve reminded me of an episode of the Lou Grant spinoff, wherein the Los Angeles Tribune, frustrated by a public official’s lack of forthcomingness, ran a headline that read something like Here’s What the Commissioner Told Us followed by a half-page of white space.

      The Trib was inundated by reader complaints that their paper had been printed without the lead story.

      • Ray

        My college paper actually did that once- on purpose. The composing room got sick of the sports editor turning in game-story copy way past deadline, even when the evening hoops or hockey games ended in time to meet them. So one night, the managing editor authorized them running a blank back page with the words “THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR SPORTS” across it. The next day, every intramural and JV horseshoe team was on the phone to the sports desk, giving him their game schedules since, obviously, they’d run out of things to cover.

        I can’t say it never happened again, but the incidence went WAY down.

  • Andre

    Sorry to have posted my views on today’s announcement on your FB. I meant to say that on your page not F&F. That said I believe Dana is looking down from heaven and loving the fact that Banner Day is back.

  • Chris Galligan

    I so want an authentic pinstripe-no drop shadow #7 Reyes for Christmas!

    • Stan

      I’ll take an authentic pinstripe-no drop shadow #7 Kranepool, please.

      I have a strict policy of never buying a shirt with a current player’s name on it. Odds are, he’ll get traded, sign elsewhere, or do something stupid that prevents me from wearing the thing in public.

  • InsidePitcher

    Kevin can’t wait for Banner Day!

  • BlackCountryMet

    Banner Day is BACK!! And the anniversary logo is superb. I anticpate lots of caps and other assorted souvenirs winging their way across the pond. How much is overseas P&P on the bobble heads lol?

  • […] we measure time, 50 years is still 50 years. And the Mets are 50 years old this year. They designed a logo to commemorate the occasion, are wearing it on their sleeves and caps and have produced a slew of merchandise they hope […]