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Somebody Signed Up for This

Not everybody who’s born to be a Mets fan reaches his destiny immediately. Take Sam Maxwell, who went through a harrowing transitional period between birth and his Mets fandom. He mistakenly rooted for some other team through his youth but then saw the light (no matter how dimly it flickers some years) and embraced Metsishness with the zeal (or Zeile) of the converted. Thus he welcomes us to his new blog, Converted Mets Fan [1], with an opening opus he’d like to share with his fellow congregants, “Dumping the Navy Pinstripes for the Orange and Blue”. Check it out here [2].

For all the worms who slithered off in the other direction, circa 1977 or 1996 or whenever, it’s good to know we get a fine, upstanding young person ultimately rejecting the unseemly and joining our ranks now and again.