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Mets By The Letters

Season preview, in something approaching verse…

A is for Apple
Enormous in size
It’s sat idle too long
This year let it rise

B is for Bay
The water off Flushing
Plus our left fielder
Who’s due to get crushing

C is for Citi
They paid for the rights
Twenty million per season
For their name up in lights

D is for Daniel
Who’ll try second base
Which looms like a lion’s den
If he can’t adjust to the space

E is for Endless
This selling of shares
Till there’s new owners
We offer mostly blank stares

F is for Frank
Francisco last name
If he leaves with a smile
’Twas a helluva game

G is for Gary
The Kid who wore Eight
His patch is five-sided
Of course like home plate

H is for Hall
Franco soon swells its ranks
His induction’s in May
A chance to tell Johnny thanks

I is for Inkling
Mine’s the Mets won’t be dismal
Or is that just wishful thinking
That they won’t be abysmal?

J is for Jenrry
Anybody remember Mejia?
Keep rehabbing that shoulder
We still wanna see ya

K is for Kiner
An Original choice
Fifty years with his mic on
Our true Golden voice

L is for Losses
They aren’t much fun
Let’s establish a limit
Of below eighty-one

M is for Mets
What else could it be?
No matter the sorrow
We hold out for glee

N is for Nieuwenheis
May be a burgeoning hitter
But to spell him full out
Is a nightmare on Twitter

O is for Orange
Which meshes with blue
When it comes to Met colors
All they needed was two

P is for Pelfrey
He’s honing his sinker
A much better pitcher
When not acting the thinker

Q is for Queens
Where the Mets play their ball
Should you find your mind wandering
Their park’s like a mall

R is for Robert
The first half of R.A.
His knuckler’s delightful
As is what he’ll say

S is for Schwinden
And Stinson and Satin
May they someday draw gawks
On the streets of Manhattan

T is for Torres
Might he be any good?
It’s only now March
So we’ll say that he could

U is for Underdog
As implied on those shirts
Jeff claims that we’re Avis
We say aim for Hertz

V is for Vast
The old outfield dimensions
‘A park built for triples’
Proved a tad too pretentious

W is for Wright
Though the initial letter is silent
If trade rumors bear fruit
Expect reaction that’s violent

X is for Xylophone
Admittedly a reach
But I could use one to drown out
The sound of Ex-Mets on South Beach

Y is for Youth
Of whom Casey was a recruiter
If he were with us today
He’d be touting Lucas Dooder

Z is for Zest
May the Mets always play hard
It has a chance to pay off
If they add a tenth Wild Card

Thanks to @JedSmed [1] and the two p.m. distraction of #MetsHashTags [2] for today’s inspiration.