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Live from Philadelphia, It’s David Wright!

I took a fantastic pregame nap Saturday afternoon. It was fantastic because I awoke to the sound of David Wright playing, David Wright batting and David Wright going way deeper than I’d been sleeping.

No, Howie and Josh assured me, I wasn’t dreaming. David was not on the DL, despite what everybody and his Twitter account was insisting would be a sure and depressing thing as regarded our third baseman’s right pinky. Bison Josh Satin prowled the Met clubhouse, but was not activated [1]. No need for his emergency services. David was able to grip everything he needed [2], so he grabbed a bat, gripped the hell out of it to homer some 428 feet from where he stood at Citizens Bank Park.

He was playing through the pain — he swore he could tolerate [3] it — and he was putting the Mets into an early lead, one which increased as the day progressed. David kept playing and kept batting and kept getting hits. He even gripped the ball and threw it fine.

The Mets are 5-0 with Wright in the lineup [4]. Wright is hitting .588. Hard to say how many more years he’ll be a Met, given all the usual folderol [5] that surrounds the Mets and their franchise players, but he’s the Met of Mets right now, especially on Saturday.

The Mets look wide awake when that is so.