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Please Come to Hofstra for the Conference

You’re a Mets fan who likes to read. Chances are you’re a Mets fan who likes to think, to talk, to listen. Chances are you like doing those things about the Mets and with other Mets fans.

Boy, do I have an event for you.

One week from today, Hofstra University’s Cultural Center presents the 50th Anniversary of the New York Mets [1] conference. It will delve into and dissect myriad aspects of the New York Mets experience at this milestone moment in our team’s history. Many of those doing the delving and dissecting have a vested interest in the Mets.

Because they’re Mets fans.

There are former Mets players, veteran Mets media members, academicians with a Mets bent, those who have studied and written about the Mets all contributing…but what makes this the event you’re definitely going to want to attend part or all of is the Mets fan influence. Because of us, this conference will be, in large part, the Mets as understood by people like you; the Mets as they matter most.

Our Mets.

So please come out. I’ve been talking this thing up since last fall, since I was asked to step in and play a small role in planning and organizing the conference’s content following the death of Dana Brand [2], the Hofstra professor, Mets blogger and Mets fan who saw our team and envisioned it as worthy of a serious and loving in-depth treatment. That’s what we’re going to give the Mets next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 26 to 28 in Hempstead.

You gotta join us — if not for all three days, then for at least one. At least a morning or an afternoon or an evening.

I’ll be there. Jason’ll be there. You know we’re Mets fans. Mets fans from Mets By The Numbers, Amazin’ Avenue, Eddie Kranepool Society, Gal For All Seasons, MetSilverman, Mets Police, Metstradamus, Optimistic Mets Fan, On The Black, Metphistopheles, Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf, Mets Poet, LoHud Mets Blog and ESPN New York will be there, too.

And that’s just the bloggers. There will be Mets fans who collect stuff and Mets fans who notice stuff and Mets fans who don’t normally publicly express themselves yet have a lot to say. This is a forum for Mets fans like that. Like you. C’mon and listen. C’mon and exchange ideas. C’mon and celebrate our Mets in a place where for three days, nothing will be more important than the Mets.

Find out more here [3] and register here [4]. I look forward to seeing you there.