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Something’s Fishy Here


May Fish tank at Citi tonight.

The newly Miami’d and unfortunately Jose’d Marlins come to Citi Field tonight, but at least a few Mets fans have already inspected new Marlins Park, and at least one has done it in style. FAFIF reader and Team McGraw runner Sharon Chapman (pictured with son Ross) shows off The Numbers to the fan base that is presumably just discovering baseball for the very first time in South Florida. Not pictured: bus Ozzie Guillen had recently been thrown under…or threw himself under.

You can get yourself a shirt just like the one celebrating 37, 14, 41 and 42 here [2]. And you can do a little mitzvah and support Sharon’s run for the Tug McGraw Foundation [3], coming up this weekend in Nashville, here [4].

By the way, their home run apple looks really weird.