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Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down

“Losing to the Yankees is no different than losing to Colorado. What stings is losing to the Marlins. They’re in our division.”
—Mets first baseman Ike Davis, June 21, 2012 [1]

“I can’t wait to strike out those chickens. I want to strike out the side against them. I’ve done it before.”
—Mets closer Frank Francisco, June 22, 2012 [2]

“What I’d really like to see, one more time, is not so much a WS win, but the Mets taking back NYC.”
FAFIF commenter Steve D, June 3, 2012 [3]

I’m with Frank and Steve on their sentiments, no matter that Frank was a little impolitic in the context of avoiding the uttering of bulletin board material (or whatever opposing players look at instead of bulletin boards these days), but then again they do call him Frank Frank, presumably for his straightforward manner.

As for Ike, your cool, detached logic does not interest me for the next three days. Don’t lose this weekend, don’t lose to Colorado, don’t lose to the Marlins and don’t use “than” when “from” is correct.

If you’re going to pretend a game is a game is a game, try, “Beating the Yankees is no different from beating Colorado. What’s really great is beating the Marlins. They’re in our division.”

Good luck to all of us.