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Tommie’s Time

Tommie Agee [1]

The latest batch of old photos auctioned off by Topps on eBay includes this gem [2] — a shot of World Series hero Tommie Agee taken at Shea in 1970, if Topps’s records are to be believed.

The Topps Vault, as it’s called, has yielded lots of gems — I bought a photo of Hank McGraw, Tug’s brother, though I missed out on a Dave Schneck photo originally labeled as John Stearns. (Plus there are ironic gems — from the plane in the background to Stork himself, this George Theodore picture [3] might be the most mid-70s Mets photo ever.) But this one is particularly great — I love the fact that Agee’s bat is pointing to more or less the exact spot where he hit the only fair ball to land in the upper deck at Shea, an April 10, 1969 shot commemorated with a marker in the old rattletrap’s final years.

Anyway, as you were. We won last night [4]. With luck we’ll win again today. There’s 1776 and 1964 [5], and the Hot Dog Eating Contest [6], and lots more. Happy 4th!