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Faith and Fear in Flushing made its debut on Feb. 16, 2005, the brainchild of two longtime friends and lifelong Met fans.

Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

Jason Fry is a Brooklyn writer whose first memories include his mom leaping up and down cheering for Rusty Staub. Check out his other writing here.

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Cassie & Polly Text @ Citi Field

Cassandra: One who predicts misfortune or disaster

Pollyanna: A person characterized by irrepressible optimism and a tendency to find good in everything

CassieClub: OMG!!! Johan DONE!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Johan looked fine. A few tough breaks.

CassieClub: Whats ERA since no no??? A THOUSAND??????

PollyPorch: Mechanics OK. Velocity OK. Some lucky hits.


PollyPorch: That was 2 months ago. Needed some rest was all. Will be fine next start.


PollyPorch: Just 1 start. Loaded with pitching.

CassieClub: Gee OUT FOR YEAR!!! Young TERRIBLE!!! Niese GETTING WORSE!!! Harvey ONE & THREE!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Dickey gonna win 20. Harvey just getting going. Wheeler here soon enuf. Gee back in 2013.

CassieClub: Whos pitching now? HEFNER?!? HE SUCKS!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Hefner provides depth.

CassieClub: OMG!!!!!! WHERE FREEMAN HR LAND??? OVER APPLE!!!!!! WE SUCK!!!!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Clears bases. Fresh start. Can give us innings.


PollyPorch: Just 2nd inning. Mets can rally.

CassieClub: Mets NEVER win at home!!!

PollyPorch: We just won Thurs. Got a tan.

CassieClub: OMG!!! Were losing by like a THOUSAND RUNS!!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Torres RBI just cut lead. We can still come back.

CassieClub: I cant believe i came here again FOR ANOTHER LOSS!!!!!! OMG I HATE THIS!!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Such a nice night to be @ park. <3 baseball. <3 Mets.

CassieClub: Whos up now??? Murphy??? NO POWER!!! LOUSY 2B!!!

PollyPorch: Murph lots of doubles. Improved D. #imwith28

CassieClub: Whens Wright free agent??? WERE GONNA LOSE HIM TO BRAVES!!! DAVID GONNA REPLACE CHIPPER!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!

PollyPorch: David not going anywhere. Face of franchise. #mvpmvp

CassieClub: Ike hitting like a THOUSAND BELOW ZERO!!!

PollyPorch: Ike on upswing. #startmeup

CassieClub: I MISS REYES!!!!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Tejada having better year @ SS. #ruben #rubenrubenruben #ruben #ruben

CassieClub: BAY IS WORST SIGNING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason plays game right way. #alwayshustles

CassieClub: OUR BULLPEN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Tonite good chance to get Acosta some work. #mannyhappyreturns

CassieClub: WORST TEAM since all star break!!!

PollyPorch: Mets better than Houston. #wekickastro

CassieClub: Gonna finish with ANOTHER LOSING RECORD!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Turn it around soon & get to 500. #giveemhellhairston

CassieClub: Terry TERRIBLE MGR!!!!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Collins communicates real well. #tcforme

CassieClub: Sandy DOES NOTHING TO IMPROVE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

PollyPorch: GM very smart. No trades for trades sake. These things take time. #aldersonthemoonandthestars

CassieClub: SELL THIS TEAM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Stable ownership important.

CassieClub: NO HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PollyPorch: Were gonna keep getting better.


PollyPorch: Wanna meet between innings to split steak sandwich?

CassieClub: ANYTHING TO NOT WATCH THIS STUPID GAME!!! How much is sandwich?!?

PollyPorch: 15.

CassieClub: DOLLARS?!?!?! OMG!!!

PollyPorch: I know. Great value right?

6 comments to Cassie & Polly Text @ Citi Field

  • Steve D

    Yesterday at around 1PM, I got the urge to attend last night’s game…for some reason, I have always enjoyed Saturday night games. Santana was coming back…kind of reminds me of a date I had with my future wife, the day Todd Hundley came back from an injury and played outfield (the Mets had obtained Piazza you know). She and my daughter were into going also. Being a perfectionist, I wanted the best value possible…after passing on a few StubHub opportunities, I pounced on section 422…$31 per ticket,, plus fees. I was happy, because in a few minutes, I was proved smart, as similar tickets (very surprisingly) never appeared again for less than $60 each.

    I was in a good mood…even joked paying the $20 parking. They made me park far away even though there were lots of spots where Shea was. Reminded me of the time when they made me pay full price to park by the globe for a Met-Yankee game, take a bus to Shea and try to find my car in pitch black after the game (repeated calls and letters about that were ignored). I used that as an opportunity to walk over the Shea bases. Inside, toured museum, shop and ogled people on Shake Shack line. Got a nice Brooklyn Burger instead.

    My daughter really enjoyed the atmosphere…it was her 5th game or so. The Met fans around us were kind of like extras in a movie…just there to take up space. They never once acknowledged my jokes…my loud Bob Murphy impersonation on major plays…or when I said right before the pitch to Freeman went over the apple, that it was about to be 9-0. The Braves fans were funnier…one laughed when I said at 6-0, “the ballgame is over” before the second inning was over. I refused to boo Johan and never will boo him. After that all bets were off…I booed like hell. Bay should be put out of his misery…it is not right to embarrass him by letting him try to play.

    The rest of the night, I became the sardonic Met fan…if they have to lose, why not make it a laugher? After a long tour of the ballpark, we returned to our seats I paid for and a new guy was sitting next to me…he told me (pointing to my seat) that someone was sitting there…I said, yeah, I am…he looked puzzled and said it again…I said I’m sitting here, it’s my seat. This is the new breed.

    I don’t feel it was wasted money…I had fun and so did my family, no thanks to fellow Met fans…and I feel smart again that I only paid to see that once this year.

  • Well done, Greg! It’s posts like this one that make me channel Wayne and Garth. I guess I’m Garth and you’re Alice Cooper. Still wondering who Wayne is in this scenario.

  • Wanda Metsfan

    I was there last night too, thinking, it’s early, they have time to come back. I am sooooooooooo PollyPorch!

  • Dave

    Well, I’m with Polly on the steak sandwiches at least, those are real good even if a bit overpriced (but I’ll compare them to the incredible prime rib sandwiches at Eataly, about the same price). But other than that, Cassie wins…2014 is the new 2013, because I don’t see much help on the immediate horizon. We have zero starting outfielders, and the list of potential free agents doesn’t make me drool, and the disaster this season is turning into is with several players exceeding expectations…yeah, Davis will improve, but what if Dickey or Wright or Tejada or even Hairston come back down to earth? Our consolation prize…the Phillies are still in last place at least.

  • kjs

    CassieClub: At least at Shea I could sneak up to the wings of the upper deck and grab a toke in the refreshing summer breeze to forget this crap.

    PollyPorch: Well, thank your Met Overlords those days are gone. The $40 nosebleed seats now have nice men surroundig you to keep you from jumping.

  • 5w30

    Pollyanna Cerrone. I like that. Wish the Mets would put more time and effort into running a professional baseball organization than running a public relations scam.