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Five Things to Make You Feel Better

So this [1] simultaneously struck a chord and was no fun at all. What might improve things?

1) Make a date to see Knuckleball! [2] It’s a terrific movie — a smart, sweet baseball valentine, and a wonderful character study of our own R.A. Dickey, Tim Wakefield and their forerunners as knuckleballers — Phil Niekro, Charlie Hough, Wilbur Wood, Tom Candiotti and Jim Bouton. Plus it uses footage running backwards to heartbreaking effect. (But don’t worry — only once.) I caught an early screening this week; the documentary by Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg opens Sept. 20 at the IFC Center right here in New York. Don’t miss it.

2) Because you can never get enough R.A., read this [3] by Emma Span. Emma gets a lot of things that go missing in a lot of the Dickey narratives, such as his insane competitiveness and the fact that he’s very far removed from your “typical” let-go-and-let-God knuckleballer. Plus I loved R.A.’s thoughts on a female knuckleballer: Anne Dickey is as much as hero of Knuckleball! as her husband is, and towards the end of the movie we see R.A. playing catch with his daughter. Hey, wouldn’t that be something? Please make her a Met!

3) Read this post [4] by Howard Megdal. Howard’s superb reporting was referenced in my depressing post; in his gracious response, he notes that he still finds joy taking his daughter to Citi Field, and suggests I do the same with my son, whose faith may be wavering but should still enjoy a night at the ballpark. And in fact that’s exactly what I’m doing; Joshua and I will be there Monday night.

4) Read this post [5] by our own Greg Prince. It’s about Ed, who was born to be a Mets fan but found his birthright delayed == but not denied. Welcome, Ed! L’shanah tovah indeed!

5) Whaddya know? The Mets actually won one [6]! David Wright got two hits, moving him within eight of passing Ed Kranepool. Jonathon Niese pitched well, overcoming the Brewers, Larry Vanover’s magical strike zone and his own sometimes less-than-enthusiastic interest in his craft. Lucas Duda hit a home run; so did Daniel Murphy. And Murph and Ruben Tejada combined for one of the niftiest double plays of the year.