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The Sad Truth

The Mets did the right thing, calling tonight’s game in advance of the forecast deluge. And a Mets game postponed (to Thursday night) in this September is tantamount to a good deed.

Yet I find myself sad that the miserable Mets won’t be playing another miserable game that they were probably going to lose and will probably lose when they get around to making it up. No Mets baseball is a condition that will commence to exist on a going basis come the last out of October 3. It’s hard enough to get used to there not being miserable Mets games when there aren’t supposed to be. When the ones that are scheduled, no matter how miserable, are washed away, and you face a bleak Tuesday night when it’s likely going to rain everything but baseballs, and the miserable Mets won’t be on in the the background of your evening to distract you from everything else on your mind or, maybe for a pitch or two, in the foreground of your attention to sustain you as they’ve sustained you when they haven’t been so miserable…

Let’s just say I find myself sad.

7 comments to The Sad Truth

  • Inside Pitcher

    I’m thinking of this as an opportunity to watch Knuckleball.

  • Joe D.

    Hi Greg,

    Might be for the best that this season will be ending soon. Just like last year, the motivations of the front office took all the fun away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold promise for next year as well.

    One can understand the Wilpons wanting to retain ownership of the Mets but what might be good for the Wilpons in the long term is certainly not good for the players or the fans.

  • Dave

    The way I see it, this means a night where they’re not going to lose, and the quasi-last minute makeup means that there might be fewer Phillies fans in the crowd on Thursday. Got some other shows to get caught up on anyway.

    BTW, was in Cooperstown the last couple of days, and for whatever reason, there were far more people at the HOF and around town with Mets apparel than just about all other teams combined. Maybe because we don’t have any meaningful baseball to pay attention to.

  • Metsfaninparadise

    I’m sad every day I can’t see them. I’m sad for 5 months straight, from Oct. til the first Spring Training game. I get tears in my eyes when I hear “Meet the Mets” for the first time on about Mar 2nd on the first WFAN broadcast. I’m sad many Mondays and Thursdays during the season. The All-Star break is too long for my taste. The Home Run Derby is just another night without a Mets game. When I die (hopefully not until we win the WS a few more times) I want my ashes scattered over that ballpark I’ve never seen, or wherever they call home. I was there on Opening Day 1983, when Seaver returned. I was there when Gooden pitched his one-hitter that should’ve been a no-hitter in 1984. I was there on the next-to-last day of 1985, when they were eliminated and the railroad station was a sea of blue-and-orange Fan Appreciation Day giveaway scarves. I was there Sept. 17, 1986, when they clinched. (I was in Philly for all 3 games just before that, when they didn’t clinch.) I’ll be there, in Miami, on Oct 3 to put the season to bed and see Dickey win his 21st game (what can I say? I’m an optimist).

  • eric b

    I’ll join you in Miami if Dickey has a shot at 20.

  • Fans have pressure ownership to SELL!! Out west the fans had rallys, coming out against the McCourts. Finally, after a messy and public divorce Bud Seelig caved into the pressure. Look at the Dodgers now, the NL’s version of the Yankees spending to win. Maybe not wisely but they WANT to win at any cost. The Mets are a poor excuse for a Major League team. punchless lineup, a half-a$$ star, a beleagured manager,and poor ownership. What a joke!

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