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DVD Giveaway Clue No. 1

The FAFIF readership’s reluctance to read my mind on the current contest [1] tells me I need to start offering a few clues if I want to give away the New York Mets 50 Greatest Players [2] DVD . Or at least one clue. As such, please read these instructions carefully, with an emphasis on the the bolded words:

Please e-mail your eleven-part answer to faithandfear@gmail.com. At the risk of pitting Mets fan against Mets fan during this postseason, only the first two readers who hit us up with fully correct responses by Sunday night, October 14, 11:59 PM, will be awarded the prizes.

If you can team those words together, and maybe some others you see in bold, I hope it will begin to lead you in the direction of the answer. They relate to the challenge at hand while we otherwise busy ourselves with the Nationals and Cardinals, Giants and Reds, Orioles and Yankees, and Tigers and A’s (if no longer the Texas Rangers and Atlanta Braves, though at least they made it out of the regular season).

Once again, consider this list of ten players…

Felipe Alou
Orlando Cepeda
Carl Everett
Jose Guillen
Brian L. Hunter
Julian Javier
Derek Jeter
Eddie Kasko
Jason Kendall
B.J. Surhoff

…and tell us the following:

What is the Met-related thread that connects these ten players?

And what specifically connects each player to the thread?

So give it some thought, don’t be shy about exploring your Reference [3] material, send your eleven-part answer to faithandfear@gmail.com and maybe win a great Mets DVD [2].