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Bay Goes Out With the Tide

(With sincere apologies to Gordon Lightfoot [1], a renowned Canadian talent who, to the best of our knowledge, has never habitually grounded into rally-killing double play after rally-killing double play.)

The legend lives on
From Minaya on down
Of the big waste they called their star signin’

J. Bay, they did say,
Would always come to play
When they had nothin’ kind to describe him

With an average that dropped
Extra-base power stopped
His production was barer than empty

His good attitude
Was a fact we eschewed
When release in November came early [2]

Does anyone know
Where his roster spot goes
As he exits to roll down the highway?

Our hunches all say
We’d still have Jason Bay
If he’d put eight more homers behind him

He might have concussed
Or he might have revived
He might have run smack into Duda [3]

Yet all that remains
Are the millions he’ll be paid
On a going deferred-dollars basis