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By Thursday, You’ll Need a Drink

David Cone, a Met from 1987 through 1992 and again for a spell in 2003 (we don’t know what he did most of the years in between), is lending his celebrity to help to help those still hurting in the aftermath of stupid storm Sandy…which I’m tired of dignifying as “super”. Coney will be guest-bartending [1] at the baseball hub of New York, Foley’s [2] on 33rd St., between Fifth and Sixth avenues in Manhattan, Thursday night, November 15, between 6 PM and midnight. All proceeds the drinks our onetime 20-game winner pours during that period, plus all his tips, will be going to storm relief.

Aside from the nobility of the cause, I might add FAFIF readers will need a drink by November 15, not only to (hopefully) toast the prospective Cy Young fortunes of our most recent 20-game winner, but to recover from the contest we’re about to introduce into the Metsosphere this weekend. We’re giving away a great prize, but we’re gonna make ya earn it.

You’ve been warned.