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You Down With IPP? (Yeah, He Knew Me)

Filtered through the prism of an era when Generation K was other people’s nickname for IPP (a.k.a. Izzy, Pulse and Paul), Rey Ordoñez was clearly the keeper among young New York shortstops and a dial-up modem ushered a Mets fan into a virtual Mezzanine you had no idea existed, comes an interview between James Preller and me at 2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball [1]. As noted on this site recently [2], 2 Guys is a conversational blog between James and Michael Geus, two fellow AOL travelers from Jason’s and my time getting our Internet feet wet in the mid-1990s. I’m honored to have been asked to share some thoughts with James on those seminal days and many other days as a Mets fan (including some exciting days ahead as regards the imminent availability of a new book series whose first volume I will elaborate on in short order in this space). You can read our dialogue here [3].

And a few other followups:

• Identify our Fifty Sheas of Krane [4] and win the greatest Mets DVD set ever [5].

• The Mets’ food drive to help victims of Sandy (the storm, not Alderson) takes place tomorrow at Citi Field; details here [6].

• David Cone lends his mixology talents to storm relief at Foley’s Thursday night; details here [7].