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Mayor Koch on the Mets

Presided over the teamwork that made the dream work.

“You have to give it your BEST shot, and then you come out No. 1 — the Mets!”

So said Mayor Edward I. Koch in 1986 at the end of the closing credits to An Amazin’ Era, the club’s 25th Anniversary video.

No, I don’t know what he meant exactly. But it sounds sage, doesn’t it? And after he said it, the Mets went out and won the World Series, didn’t they?

If that’s how they were doin’, then Mayor Koch made as much sense as he possibly could. Hizzoner [1] wasn’t any kind of a sports fan. He was good for about an inning on Opening Day and maybe the seventh game of a Fall Classic when one materialized on his watch.

Yet it’s hard to believe anybody ever rooted New York home any harder.