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The Pride Is Back!

When the Mets interrupt one of their concentrated spans of ineptitude with a rare show of net-competence — such as that displayed Thursday afternoon at Busch Stadium in an unlikely 5-2 victory over the exalted St. Louis Cardinals of Keith Hernandez’s fundamentally sound fantasies — I am moved to recall an exchange from the 1984 film, Teachers, between conscientious educator Alex Jurel (Nick Nolte) and stodgy disciplinarian Ditto Stiles (Royal Dano), the latter so named because his teaching method consists solely of passing out quizzes he joylessly reproduces at John F. Kennedy High School’s overworked ditto machine. The discussion in question centers around a problem student whom another teacher would prefer to dump in Ditto’s pin-drop quiet classroom.

DITTO: Oh, it’s fine with me. I’ll handle him.
ALEX: You’d bore him to death.
DITTO: What’s that supposed to mean?
ALEX: Whaddaya think it means, Ditto? Your class is boring. Your students don’t learn a thing. If it weren’t for tenure, you’d be selling vacuum cleaners. Have I left anything out?
DITTO: I don’t have to take that from you. I have received three consecutive teaching awards for the most orderly class.
ALEX: Uh-huh.
DITTO: Three consecutive teaching awards for the most orderly class! And what do you think of that about that, mister?
ALEX: Gee Ditto — you sure don’t stink.

And for one day, neither does our baseball team, give or take a .157-batting (as opposed to hitting) first baseman. They’re 1-0 since completing their second six-game losing streak of 2013 and a robust 43-72 dating back to July 8, 2012.

Friday they attempt their first winning streak in two weeks.

How about them Mets?!

15 comments to The Pride Is Back!

  • pfh64

    I get the sarcasm when it comes to Hernandez and his “fundies” fantasies, but he is not wrong, why is it, and what is it that the Cardinals do that every single year, no matter what their roster looks like, they are a play off contender. Usually getting in. Why can’t the Mets, who should have far more resources and have had far more over the years, be the same way?

    • I’m all for fundamentals. I’m all for emulating a successful organization. Four days of Keith slobbering over the Cardinals as if they haven’t lost a game since 1941 was just a little much. Cards didn’t do everything right this series (other than pick the correct opponent). But as I marveled after Monday’s Hefnerrible loss, they sure don’t get slowed down by turnover or transition.

  • open the gates

    Curtis Pride is back??!!

  • Jerry

    I tweeted the day before, “Shorter Lines at Shake Shack”… now “Longer Lines at Shake Shack.”

  • Joe D.

    Hi Greg,

    We all know how great this team played the first half of the past two seasons and then fell apart.

    As you know, I often repeat how the team was both angry and hurt, first with R.A. mentioning how the front office having no faith in them was hard to swallow followed by Kevin Burkhardt reporting how they felt the front office had kicked in the teeth.

    I cannot believe the actions taken by the front office these past two seasons – plus the continued acquisition of inexpensive players this past winter – has not taken some sort of toll on those who were part of those teams. Though professionals who are expected to give a 100 percent team effort, how could they not also be disillusioned and pragmatic that no matter how hard they play, and no matter how close they are in a post-season hunt, their efforts will be for naught and all that they achieved will once more be undermined by that same front office for reasons I think don’t have to be repeated once again.

    It might not be a losing attitude in the clubhouse as it is a defeatist one. Though they of course do not want to lose, it does seem the players are going through the motions and focused more on their own individual performances instead of that of a team.

  • 9th string catcher

    Unfortunately, the poor play will go on their permanent record.

  • Dave

    I don’t blame Keith for going all fan boy over the Cards. As a player he was as fundy-sound as anyone, and now he makes a living being forced to watch the Mets almost every day. For a few days he gets to watch a team that he once starred for do it right…I’d be drooling if I were him too, and as a rank and file fan I’m jealous of the way the Cards just get it right every year no matter who’s wearing the uniform.

    • How awesome would it be if a few players made notes to themselves of the Hey, they’re in first place again? consistency? If the Mets were winning these last four days, the various homages would have been easier to swallow. I appreciate a broadcast that is aware of its opponent and its surroundings…but not so much when we’re not winning.

      • Dave

        Unfortunately, “when we’re not winning” is going to be the context of an awful lot that we hear, observe and experience the rest of this season. But yes, it would be more helpful if it were the players (and maybe management?) were noticing what St Louis does right as opposed to Keith sharing it with fans.

        • Deep down, I believe “when we’re not winning” is a temporary condition, though not so deep down, I don’t know when that will end.

          Besides every fifth day like today, fingers crossed.

  • azulnaranja

    “batting (as opposed to hitting) – is that a “Bang the Drum Slowly” reference?

  • Joe D.

    Hi Greg,

    Might not be all Keith’s fault. How often did we see SNY replaying video from that 1982 world series and locker room celebration.

    Just might have been a production decision. Gary Cohen was indeed asking a lot of questions as well.

  • Happy Harvey Day!

    Let’s just hope he doesn’t get swallowed up by the Friendly Confines.

    (PS — Fans are mad at TC for his remarks? They never seen notin’ like Lee Elia in his prime: )