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Stop the Presses! Mets Win!

It feels like a big deal, the Mets winning one of the 162 baseball games they’ll play this year.

It shouldn’t.

It shouldn’t but it does. Why, the Mets got great pitching from Dillon Gee, who looks like he’s shaken off whatever was ailing him to return to being a quietly effective pitcher, one of those guys who leaves enemy batters wondering exactly how an unprepossessing hurler can be so confounding. Hey, they got home runs from Lucas Duda, David Wright and Marlon Byrd. They even played the field without incident.

On Tuesday the Mets were a carefully walled-off distraction on a pleasant night at Citi Field. Tonight they were good company as Emily and I went through the lengthy checklist of things that need to go into our son’s mammoth duffel bag for summer camp. When I looked up, the Mets were doing something I approved of.

True, they only managed six hits. But they won handily — if your team’s winning even slightly more often than they’re losing, you don’t nitpick wins based on how they fall short of savage domination. You enjoy them, in whatever form, and hope for more.

I remember that kind of baseball. So do you. It’s nice — a lot nicer than being enraged or despairing or indifferent.

I wish I could see it more often.

7 comments to Stop the Presses! Mets Win!

  • Andee

    Don’t look now…but we might actually have halfway decent pitching that doesn’t come exclusively from M. Harvey. Wheeler may just be the cherry on top. Gee had that changeup going on! It certainly beats having both pitching and offense being completely putrid, but it does smell a little like 1967 or 1968, doesn’t it? Nice when there’s a little break from all the run constipation.

    • Joe D.

      Hi Andee,

      Too bad with this fine young starting rotation we are not ready yet to go into free agency since as mentioned to Jason, Tuesday night Gary, Keith and Ron said next year would be too soon since young hitters we’re drafting now would not be ready for a few years later and by that time, the free agents we sign would be toward the end of their careers.

      With Sandy hedging last week with Francesa about how much he would be willing to spend on the payroll next season and what appeared to be a carefully prepared conversation on the part of GK&R it seems that the organization is trying to condition us against such high expectations.

      …. and conditioning his young pitching staff to not expect more run support at the same time?

  • FL Met Fan Rich

    Will tune in to see how whoever does.

    After that next stop is the trade deadline and see if anybody would be stupid enough to take any of our crappy players, we want to unload.

    We should hold an open house then and everybody but Harvey and wright are available for a couple of broken bats!

  • joenunz

    Again, masterfully #DoingSomethingElse while keeping tabs on the pulse. Well, whatever pulse this team has…

  • Ken K. in NJ

    I just figured out the problem. The Mets are 3 and 1 in games before rain/snowouts, probably going to 4 and 1 as of today. Every time they get up some steam, their momentum is stopped by the weather.

  • K. Lastima

    Nice win . . . games like this are like that one sweet shot that lets you ignore the rest of the crappy round and return to the golf course for more abuse . . . Let’s Go Mets!

  • Ninj

    Just like that, Gee is tied with Harvey for the most wins and has more wins than the rest of the starters. Great job! Now for the offense to get it’s act together. LGM!!!!