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First Reaction, Second Reaction

First reaction: We endured more than we won. And man were the other guys dopey.

If Miguel Montero doesn’t drop the ball at home plate on Josh Satin’s single with one out in the ninth, Marlon Byrd is out by seven or eight feet and we probably lose in regulation and mutter a lot. Up one in the 13th, after Satin’s leadoff double, why on earth did Kirk Gibson put the winning run on base, particularly when the winning run was John Buck, who’s been basically useless since the beginning of May and had just managed to get himself thrown out at second as the winning run +1, i.e. the run no one in the stadium cared about? Terry Collins, determined to beat Gibson to the bottom of the managerial ladder, then blithely discarded one of the Mets’ two remaining outs by having Matt Harvey bunt, but won anyway when Andrew Brown lined a high fastball up the gap. We’ll call this one Collins 0, Gibson -1, and agree that Brown spoke for all of baseball history when he told Kevin Burkhardt the game was “nerve-wracking and annoying” and he was just glad it’s over. I can’t possibly top that.

Second reaction: What the hell, we won [1]. They all count. Oh, and pigface Cody Ross flipping your bat on your later-revealed-as-meaningless home run? YOU LOST SO HAHAHAHA.

P.S. Josh Satin is awesome. Go away, Ike. Oh, wait. Stay away, Ike.