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Quiz: Mets, Red Sox & Stars


One of the defining moments of the 1986 World Series occurred almost a year before the Fall Classic to end all Fall Classics was played. On November 13, 1985, the Mets sent John Christnesen, Calvin Schiraldi, Wes Gardner and LaSchelle Tarver to the Red Sox in exchange for Bobby Ojeda, John Mitchell, Chris Bayer and Tom McCarthy. The principals in this deal were Ojeda and Schiraldi, each of whom went on to play pivotal roles on the night of October 25, 1986.

Or as you know it, the Buckner Game.

Game Six of the 1986 World Series was no doubt one of baseball’s greatest games, certified as such a million different ways, most notably by MLB Productions’ DVD Baseball’s Greatest Games: 1986 World Series Game 6 [1], an Amazin’ disc that not only brings you the NBC telecast of the night that (like Schiraldi for Ojeda) changed Mets history, but contains the WHN radio track, which allows you to listen to Bob Murphy and Gary Thorne describe what happens when a two-out fair ball begins to trickle toward its tenth-inning destiny.

You can win this DVD, courtesy of the folks at MLB Productions, who are thrilled to let you know a torrent of titles from the Major League Baseball Productions Film & Video Archive are now available digitally on iTunes [2], if you can properly answer our Mets-Red Sox quiz, which asks:

1) Who were the THREE former Mets who eventually became Red Sox and made the American League All-Star team AS Red Sox? (None was ever a National League All-Star AS a Met.)

2) Who were the SIX future Mets who became Mets after earlier in their careers being named American League All-Stars AS Red Sox? (One would make the National League All-Stars AS a Met.)

For the record, to be considered a “future Met” or a “former Met,” a player had to have played at least one game in a Mets uniform in his career. Also for the record, nobody in the Ojeda-Schiraldi trade is part of either answer. And — in the interest of facilitating your research — know your helpful resources [3].

We have two copies of Game Six to give away, so the first two sets of correct answers e-mailed to faithandfear@gmail.com will earn the prizes. If you don’t win this one, there’s one more quiz slated for the beginning of next week.

And since these DVDs are being provided to us in the interest of promoting MLB on iTunes [2], here is the informational copy the nice MLB Productions folks asked us to run:

Aside from MLB Bloopers and Prime 9: MLB Heroics, available programming includes The Best of the Home Run Derby and Prime 9: All-Star Moments; Official World Series Films dating back to 1947, including the 1969 and 1986 films; the first season of This Week In Baseball, which originally aired in 1977; a documentary offering a fresh perspective on Jackie Robinson’s life and career; recent productions, including a comprehensive film chronicling every era of World Series play and documentaries created to celebrate notable anniversaries for the Mets, Astros and Red Sox; bloopers titles highlighting the funniest MLB moments; and many other titles. Any of these films can now be downloaded from the iTunes store. Prices range from $1.99 for individual episodes of Prime 9 and This Week in Baseball to $19.99 for the Official 2012 World Series Film in HD.

Good luck!