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We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Angst

Wow, the Red Sox won their first World Series at Fenway [1] in 95 years!
Who’s gonna play first for us?

Unless Big Papi is holding a grudge against Kaiser Wilhelm, I suppose they can retire every last reference to 1918 up there.
None of the in-house candidates is remotely satisfactory.

Shame about Beltran not getting his ring.
Who’s gonna play short for us?

Shame about Victorino getting another, of course.
There’s not a single good, proven option on hand.

At least Molina looked miserable when it was over; so much for Cardinal inevitability [2].
Right field’s another zone of uncertainty, to put it mildly.

McCarver’s done on Fox — class act [3] in his day, even if that day peaked around 1985 [4].
I mean there’s nobody…NOBODY I’d put out there if I had to choose right now.

Even though I had no strong rooting interest, it was a pretty good postseason all around, I thought.
Geez, we have a lot of glaring holes [5].

It wasn’t the Mets, but I always enjoy getting caught up in it [6]…as long as certain teams [7] aren’t involved.
More treading water or are we gonna make some kind of splash?

I started watching baseball in 2013 on February 23 [8] and I kept watching it until October 30.
And what defines “splash” anyway?

But now it’s time to move on, into winter and toward, should we all be so lucky, another spring.
I hope they don’t make any stupid trades…but that they don’t do nothing, either.

I have only one last thing to say as we enter the offseason.
Well, whatever.

Let’s Go Mets — yeah!
Let’s Go Mets — I guess.