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Larger Than Life Character

“Hey, do any of you guys know a pitcher named Bartolo Colon [1]?”
“I know Bartolo Colon! I saw him drive a run in for the Angels off Mike DeJean [2] in 2005! It was his last hit in the majors, and he’s still playing today!”
I was at that game! [3] Kaz Ishii struck out the side in the top of the first and had 8 K’s through five yet didn’t make it out of the sixth!”
“Colon won 12-2, and the next night Marlon Anderson [4] pinch-hit a game-tying inside-the-park home run off Frankie Rodriguez [5] in the ninth inning!”
Cliff Floyd [6] won that game in the eleventh with a home run! The next day the home plate umpire threw out Mike Piazza [7] for questioning a strike call…in the first inning!”
“Colon won 20 games and the Cy Young [8] that year!”
“To Bartolo Colon!”

Did somebody mention Bartolo Colon’s name?

“You guys talking about Bartolo Colon? I listened to a game where he went toe to toe with Shawn Estes [9] in Montreal in 2002!”
“I heard that game! Colon scattered 13 hits and went the distance [10] to beat the Mets, 2-1!”
“He stranded the bases loaded in the ninth inning when he grounded out Edgardo Alfonzo [11]!”
“I thought the Mets had a chance for the Wild Card but they fell apart within a few weeks and Bobby Valentine [12] got fired!”
“The Expos were about to go out of business, but Omar Minaya traded three future stars [13] for him anyway!”
“Colon won 10 games for the Indians before the trade and 10 games for the Expos after, which made him a two-team, two-league 20-game winner!”
“To Bartolo Colon!”

“Bartolo Colon won 18 games at the age of 40 in 2013!”
“He played in a stadium that was mostly empty seats and raw sewage [14]!”
“He was on the seventh team of a career that began in 1997!”
“He made the All-Star team a year after being suspended because of PEDs and started the first game of the playoffs for the A’s three years after not pitching at all!”
“Colon was a teammate of Dwight Gooden [15]’s, struck out Mo Vaughn [16] and pitched versus Pete Schourek [17] all in the same postseason series [18]!”
“I hear Colon gets his blood spun in a revolutionary but controversial fashion [19] at a clinic somewhere in Boca Raton, Florida!”
“To Bartolo Colon!”

“Bartolo Colon is considered one of the most effective control pitchers [20] in baseball!”
“Only David Price [21] walked fewer batters in the American League last year than Bartolo Colon!”
“Only Anibal Sanchez [22] had a lower earned run average in the American League last year than Bartolo Colon!”
“Only Max Scherzer [23] won more games in the American League last year than Bartolo Colon!”
“Colon threw three complete games last year and every one of them was a shutout!”
“To Bartolo Colon!”

“Bartolo Colon is listed at 265 pounds but is generally believed to tip the scales at something a lot closer to 300!”
“Colon will be 41 years old next season!”
“On the day Bartolo Colon was born, the Mets beat the Dodgers in 19 innings in a game that ended at 4:47 in the morning New York time!”
I remember that game! [24] Chris Cannizzaro [25] pinch-hit for the Dodgers, and he was an Original Met!”
“Did I mention Colon’s like 300 pounds? And gonna be 41?”
“Most guys his age and size would be long retired by now! But not Bartolo Colon! Colon just got $20 million for two years from a team that’s supposed to be hamstrung by limited resources!”
“Colon was considered a real catch at the Winter Meetings and it was the Mets who caught him [26]!”
“The Mets got Colon the day after they introduced Curtis Granderson [27], who they’re giving $60 million to over four years — and Granderson missed more than a hundred games last year!”
“The Mets haven’t signed a pitcher for a lot of money since Oliver Perez [28], and they bid against themselves to sign him!”
“Oliver Perez refused to go to the minors when he deteriorated beyond repair in 2010 and wound up getting released with a year left on his deal!”
“Perez became a decent reliever with Seattle and was on the market this year, but the Mets signed Colon!”
“To Bartolo Colon!”

“Bartolo Colon’s gonna pitch for the Mets next year because they won’t have Matt Harvey [29]!”
“Matt Harvey dates a supermodel and posed naked in a magazine!”
Harvey was the best pitcher in the National League [30] until he hurt his elbow in August, and he was only 24 when his season ended. Colon was 40 yet kept pitching and winning while Harvey was trying to avoid Tommy John [31] surgery!”
“Tommy John started that 19-inning game against the Mets the day Colon was born!”
George Stone [32] won that game for the Mets! If Yogi Berra [33] had started Stone in the World Series, the Mets would’ve beaten the A’s!”
“Colon’s gonna have to be at least pretty close to what he was for Oakland last year to justify his contract!”
“If the Mets didn’t get Colon, they’d have to figure out a way to hold on to a Harang or a Dice-K or rush one of their minor league pitchers!”
“It still seems like a risk to commit that much money to Bartolo Colon, though it could also work out if he stabilizes an otherwise young rotation!”
“Bartolo Colon may be older than Scott Atchison [34] and Bartolo Colon may be bigger than Mickey Lolich [35] but Bartolo Colon can really pitch [36]!”

“Did somebody mention my name?”
“To Bartolo Colon!”