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Oh, The Mel With It

When I turned 41
It seemed a very good year
To say I was “Seaver [1]

When I turned 45
It seemed a very good year
To’ve been a lifetime Believer [2]

When I turned 47
It seemed a very good year
To be an upward glove-heaver [3]

Today I turn 51
Is it a very good year?
Or a take-it-or-leaver?

51 they give coaches — none who’s fixed Ike
51 they gave Maddux — untalented Mike
51 they gave Rick — you don’t remember Rick White?

It was once worn by One Dog (that might ring a bell [4])
Then landed on Rojas (whose saves went to hell)
And it means I’ve passed 50 (well, isn’t that swell?)

It’s only a number [5]
It’s only an age
Perhaps I’ve found wisdom
That will make me sound sage

So I will try my hand
At some coachly advice:
Never bring in Mel Rojas
Don’t even think twice