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Holy Smokes!

Thanks to the best blog readers in all of Metsdom, the Faith and Fear in Flushing retired numbers t-shirt has been spotted [1] in ballparks [2] all over America [3] and on a couple [4] of continents [5] besides this one [6] since its introduction during the 2006 postseason.

But we’d never seen anything like this until now.

Not the FAFIF shirt, but an incredible simulation. [7]

Not the FAFIF shirt, but an incredible simulation.

David, from somewhere in the vicinity of Philadelphia, explains why the above 37 14 41 42 looks so different from all other 37 14 41 42s:

Just wanted to send you a note for how your t-shirt has been used over the years.

I bowl in a Thursday Night Men’s League and everyone there smokes. So I wear your t-shirt every single week as my bowling shirt so that only one shirt smells like smoke and not all of my shirts smell like smoke.

I’ve been wearing it every week for the past 6 years. I MIGHT wash it like 4 times in a year. But it’s held up quite well.

Needless to say I get a million comments about it (living in Phillies territory). Usually “Is that your locker combination?” or “wear another f’in shirt!”

Anyway, I am very glad you are still selling them because I think I will need the replacement pretty soon.

I’m attaching a pic of the week when the team we bowled against wore imitation t-shirts for your amusement.

Thanks for a great blog and a great t-shirt!

Faith and Fear doesn’t endorse smoking, but it has no problem with bowling — and it salutes the Faith and Fear tribute shirt…and David’s wardrobe habit for making this garment possible.

And of course it’s never too late to secure your classic Faith and Fear shirt here [8].