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Happiness Is…

Happiness is Dillon Gee [1] throwing eight innings of three-hit shutout ball.

Happiness is Gee pitching every fifth day, instilling nothing but confidence by his very appearance in the Mets rotation.

Happiness is nodding off in the seventh when the Mets are up, 4-0, and stirring in the ninth to see the Mets are still up, 4-0.

Happiness is Carlos Torres [2]’s right arm remaining attached to Carlos Torres’s right shoulder after completing the ninth inning for the Mets’ 4-0 win [3].

Happiness is David Wright [4] finally driving a ball to the wall and having the ball go untouched for an RBI double.

Happiness is Wright being so splendid defensively that if you didn’t know better, you’d just assume he’s one of those good glove/no hit guys, except you know better.

Happiness is the unconscionable pop fly that falls in among Gee, Wright and Anthony Recker [5] — with Lucas Duda [6] nowhere in sight — yet causes nothing in the way of scoreboard damage.

Happiness is the Mets threatening early, leaving runners on base and not having those uncashed opportunities come back to bite them.

Happiness is Chris Young [7] hitting long home runs when he’s hitting anything at all.

Happiness is Curtis Granderson [8] motoring around the bases faster than his batting average (.129) is plummeting.

Happiness is Daniel Murphy [9] stealing and never getting caught.

Happiness is Anthony Recker starting and the Mets never losing.

Happiness is a winning homestand that at least temporarily allays the anxiety that the Mets can’t prevail at Citi Field.

Happiness is regardless of what happens in Philadelphia, the Mets will end April with a winning record.

Happiness is anticipating rather than dreading the months that follow April.

Happiness is a precarious proposition when you’re a Mets fan…but it’s definitely worth a provisional revel for now.