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Lipstick, Meet Pig

Well, here’s another 2014 first: the first game that made you want to discover the ability to reach into your TV and smack Mets several time zones away.

This was the game I’d feared the Mets would play on Tuesday in Philadelphia, and was pleasantly surprised to be wrong about [1]: a dead-eyed, slumbering, miscue-filled mess. Every team has a dozen or so of these a year, and it’s better just to avert your eyes and move on as quickly as possible. And so that’s what we’ll do, after a few pro forma observations:

Let’s see … that’s 317 words more than I wanted to write about this mess [6] and you wanted to read. Lagares and d’Arnaud, you’re excused. The rest of you fellas take a lap.

Or better yet, go back to sleep.