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Mets Win, Yankees Lose

GAME NOTES: The Mets scored nine runs Monday night at Yankee Stadium, defeating the Yankees, 9-7 … The Mets belted four home runs Monday night at Yankee Stadium, defeating the Yankees, 9-7 … Curtis Granderson, Eric Young and Travis d’Arnaud all took advantage of Yankee Stadium’s extremely generous right field dimensions, each hitting a short-porch home run that contributed to the Mets’ 9-7 defeat of the Yankees … Chris Young went deep to left field in the Mets’ 9-7 defeat of the Yankees … The Mets overcame deficits of 4-1 and 7-4 to defeat the Yankees, 9-7 … The Mets’ outfield, consisting Monday of the two Youngs and Granderson, combined to record seven hits in the Mets’ 9-7 defeat of the Yankees … Clutch relief work by newly deployed bullpen weapon Jenrry Mejia proved vital as the Mets defeated the Yankees, 9-7 … Recently recalled rookie Eric Campbell produced a key eighth-inning pinch-hit and displayed impressive baserunning acumen in the Mets’ 9-7 defeat of the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, Monday night … Lucas Duda turned a nifty 3-5-3 game-ending double play — with David Wright covering second — to seal the Mets’ 9-7 defeat of the Yankees … The Mets announced plans to promote Jacob deGrom and Rafael Montero, with the latter set to start the third game of the Subway Series that began Monday with the Mets defeating the Yankees, 9-7 … Media reports of “energy” and “electricity” at Yankee Stadium Monday night were directly attributable to the presence of the consistently enthusiastic 7 Line Army, which made its voice heard and its presence felt throughout the Mets’ 9-7 defeat of the Yankees … the New York Times reported Saul Katz is looking to sell his share of the Mets, who defeated the Yankees, 9-7, Monday night … Katz issued a denial that any sale of his ownership stake is underway, a transaction that could potentially eventually liberate Mets fans from the Wilpon family’s control of their beloved baseball team, which, despite acting as an ongoing source of aggravation in their lives, defeated the Yankees, 9-7, Monday night at Yankee Stadium … The Mets defeated the Yankees at Yankee Stadium Monday night by a score of 9-7.

22 comments to Mets Win, Yankees Lose

  • Scott M.

    This is, quite possibly, the best recap ever of a game in which the Mets defeated the Yankees, 9-7.

    I’m excited about deGrom to the bullpen, as it seems the Mets are taking a page from the Card’s playbook of putting the young arms in the BP first before handing over a starting role. How much of that is the BP situation we find ourselves in and how much of it can be credited to a Mets front office ‘plan’ – umm, in the wake of a game in which the Mets defeated the Yankees, 9-7?

  • Lou from Georgia

    Mejia looked good in the relief spot. Really had the Yankees off balance in the 9-7 win. The PIX broadcast touched on how the Mets management sat Mejia down and sold him on the idea of relief work temporarily, because they needed him to help the team. Looks like he bought in, for one night at least. And by the way, they do need him! I can’t take another Farnsworth appearance. If Duda doesn’t flash some serious leather in the 9th Mets probably implode. Come on Familia, take the closer job and let’s fire the 2 geezers in the bullpen. I’d rather see a dynamic young guy try to figure it out than see another retread try to recapture lost ability.

  • 5w30

    In honor of the late great Dick Young, it’s Diamond Dust.

  • Fact: A baseball game can only merit comparisons to a Sweet Sixteen party if it ends with the Mets beating the Yankees by a score of 9 to 7.

  • The Jestaplero!

    Let’s not overlook what has happened since Eric Young, Jr. started on Sunday and Monday. He led off Sunday’s game with a single, steals second taking third on the errant throw, scores on Wright’s RBI. Mets win. He leads off last night’s game essentially the same way, then goes 3 for 5 with a double, HR, 2 runs scored, 2 RBI. The result? The Mets defeat the Yankees, 9-7, at Yankee Stadium.

  • open the gates

    Think maybe we found ourselves a first baseman?

  • The Jestaplero!

    Duda got an undeserved bad rap as a poor defensive first baseman. I always thought he played the position well. The bad rap came from his outfield play, which…wasn’t very good.

    Anyone hear Francesa yesterday afternoon, braying on about how the Mets are the “worst offensive team [he’s] ever seen!!”?

    That was before….you-know-what.

  • March'62

    I loved Josh Lewin giving his take on if Sterling was announcing in his booth: “There’s d’Ar NO doubt about that one”. This one was sweet. But Greg, please remind me. Who won last night? And by what score?

  • Will in Central NJ

    Last night’s victory was so satisfying on so many levels, I wanted to have a cigarette afterward.

    Let’s go Mets!

  • Lenny65

    Nicely done, that farce of a “ballpark” was exactly the medicine the lineup needed. I mean are they joking with that place or what? Let Diet Coke Man take all the anti-Mets jibes he likes, their lineup is nearly as bad as ours is and their pitching staff isn’t even close.

  • Matt

    That Eric Campbell sprint around the bases was pretty impressive, too – helluva slide at the end.

  • Amuschel

    Did not catch the score if anyone has it.

    Two points:

    1) Maybe if David Wright wants to compete in another HR derby, he should have Bartolo throwing to him.

    2) With the Mets “weaknesses” on offense and bullpen (two of the Yankees’ strengths), at 7-4 with 9 outs left per side of offense vs. bullpen and the Mets at a 3-run handicap, I only gave the Mets a 0% chance of winning because there’s nothing lower. Absolutely awesome. Best win since…last May, similar opponent?

  • Dave

    That team in the Bronx – the same one that dropped a 9-7 decision last night to the Mets – looks even worse than I expected them to be. Just how much has Beltran lost that he DH’s while perennial Gold Glover Alfonso Soriano plays in the outfield? And 2 years left on his contract after this?

    2014 will be what it will be for us. But the silver lining will be watching the continued descent of the Yankees and the Phils.

  • Tristram Shandy

    Here’s my time-tested formula: 1 Yankee loss = 2/3 Mets’ victory. Emotionally, at least.

  • Gary G

    Greg, what did you say the score was? I forgot already.

  • open the gates

    I’m sorry – was that score 9-7? Or 12-7? I’m so confused…

  • Lenny65

    Please Mets, bring some of this sudden firepower with you when you depart that (lol) quaint little bandbox and return home. Two more wins and so, so much will be forgiven…