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Forever Murph

Sunday marked 10 years since Bob Murphy’s passing [1]. Though those who fill his role today do a fine job of it, Murph remains missed because how do you ever stop missing Bob Murphy? He is the voice of New York Mets baseball. Is, not was. Not long ago I heard a clip of him. I don’t remember if it was from a milestone game or just a random recording, but I warmed up all over. That was what Bob Murphy did [2] for a Mets fan for 42 years. That’s what Bob Murphy does, even when instead of manning the broadcast booth, he’s on assignment in the historical archives and personal memory.

Thank you, Murph. You seemed uncomfortable when people mentioned how much you meant to them. I was about to say you shouldn’t have been, but if that’s what made you you, then I guess you knew what you were doing.