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Young Guns 2015

The Mets played a lame, losing game in Pittsburgh Friday night. I won’t argue the point or by any means embrace the result. But I truly enjoyed watching young, strong Noah Syndergaard throw baseballs past as many Pirates as he could. And if I didn’t enjoy watching young, strong Gerrit Cole throw baseballs past as many Mets as he could, I can’t say I didn’t admire the way he stayed in command and hit his spots. Their kid’s been at it on this level a little longer than our kid. Cole’s kept getting better. Noah will do the same.

Come back for a rematch soon, boys. You’re encouraging for the future and you’re good for the sport. Some nights, if a fan can’t have a win, he’ll relish the pulsating parts of the process.

6 comments to Young Guns 2015

  • Ken K. in NJ

    OK, well, since this must have been posted just as I was reading yesterday’s post (I refreshed and there it was), let me be the first.

    When you’re down by 3 runs in the top of the 9th and your best option to start the inning as a pinch hitter is some guy I never heard of until 3 days ago, it’s, um, time to take a good look at other options for the bench.

    Not that it would have mattered, apparently that was Cy Young Melancon out there tonight against the 1908 White Sox or something.

  • Daniel Hall

    Syndergaard was good, Cole was awesome, and those Mets whose job it is to poke with sticks sucked outright. Nothing new to see there, since [starting pitcher of choice] is mostly always good and sometimes better, and the rest of the bunch make every opposing starter look awesome through sucking outright.

    If anybody’s counting, we dropped to the second wild card yesterday, tied with the Cubs.

  • Dave

    Gerrit Cole is an outstanding young pitcher, no question about that, and the Mets aren’t going to be the only team whose bats go limp against him. Problem, of course, is that most major league starters have been able to do the same thing lately. It doesn’t matter what the hitting coach’s pedigree is when you have a lineup and a bench like this.

    • Daniel Hall

      We haven’t heard about the hitting coach and how he has transformed the whole team in weeks after getting fed that crap all of spring.

      As I type this, Matt Harvey has given up his seventh run of the day, so there goes our lone chance at a W this weekend.

  • Left Coast Jerry

    I suspect Sandy signed Cuddyer in part to be a mentor to the younger hitters. What I took from last night’s game is that Cuddyer has taught them all how to ground into double plays and kill rallies. And, yes, Noah was impressive. He’s a keeper.

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