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The Spirit of ’86

The Spirit of 1986 called. It sounded a lot like Lenny Dykstra. I think it was chewing tobacco.

Here is the gist of what the Spirit had to say:

• It, too, is sick of being the most recent Met world championship. “Dude,” the Spirit told me, “it’s about bleeping time we can give it a rest.”

• It didn’t mean to fall behind two games to none to the Red Sox, but the current team should take any inspiration where it can. “I mean, Dude, we did it, and half of us were…ah Dude, I can’t tell you if you’re gonna put it in your bleeping blog.”

• It approves of Terry Collins canceling the off-day workout between Games Two and Three, “just like Davey woulda done, Dude. That dude was nails.”

• It thinks Noah Syndergaard is “totally nails, Dude.”

• It called me Dude repeatedly, actually.

• It referred to the Kansas City Royals as something unprintable, even for a blog.

• It called Mike Moustakas “Mike Moustupid…whatever, Dude.”

• It said don’t worry about what happened in Kansas City, “that bleep is so bleeping over.”

• It said a National League champion is capable of winning four out of five from anybody.

• It said “they better bleeping win tonight, Dude. What the bleep are they waiting for?”

• It began to hit me up for a loan, but I hung up before it got to the ask.

Dude, I’m with the Spirit of 1986. Let’s go get ’em, Let’s Go Mets (go)!

15 comments to The Spirit of ’86

  • dmg

    this is the game eight months of spring training, regular season and postseason has led us to.
    the mets got this.

  • Kevin from Flushing

    Do iiit, doo iiit, make it happeeennn!

  • Dave

    I know everyone thinks that these Mets are guys that you’d be happy to call your son-in-law, and they probably all address people with yes sir and yes ma’am, and that’s nice, but there was also a certain pleasure to the team being loathed as “pond scum,” as the polite Midwestern Cardinals fans used to call them. Heck, even a Yalie on that team got a ride to the precinct once and had a date with Madonna (not on the same night as far as I’m aware).

    Lenny Dude (p-tooey), we’re listening. Well, except not when you’re talking about a new business venture. But about being a badass baseball dude, yeah, let’s go do this.

  • mikeL

    when noah declared that the mets would win the series i thought : ok is he namath or agbayani??

    my money’s on namath.
    tonite noah needs to carry the team to carry the day. keep the royals off-balance and and off the scoreboard!!

    and oh yea, we’re gonna need a few hits.
    i might be talking to you here too, noah.

    let the comeback begin tonite!
    i plan to watch baseball next week!


    (ha! the mets should wear the ugly, racing-striped, 86 throwback unis tonite)

  • Eric

    DS game 5 was a must-win and elimination game. Tonight is just a must-win game.

    The line-up is the standard RHP line-up:

  • Gio

    So excited. The Citi faithful will make us proud tonight and will – I hope – impress the whole nation and make our friendly confines look like a ton of fun for everyone in attendance except the Kansas City Royals. Let’s Go Mets!

  • argman

    I was thinking today the guys needed to channel their inner Clendenon’s and Koosman’s, but their inner Knight’s and Carter’s etc will do as well.

  • ljcmets

    After we win tonight, I’m hoping the Spirit of ’69 also comes to call… I’d like a visit from the Spirit of ’73 as well (I guess it will arrive tomorrow night via Tim McGraw ). That team knew how to BELIEVE. And will the Grand Slam Single make an appearance? We’re going to need all the Spirits we have. I know the Great Pumpkin is coming (not Bartolo, the real one).

  • eric1973

    Maybe the real Lenny Dykstra has already put the ‘extortion’ spell on these umpires!


  • eric1973

    Looks, so far, as if George Brett must have paid them more.

    • Steve D

      This game is usually all about pitching, but Ventura is toast, I think we have seen the best of Cueto and Volquez and Harvey and deGrom look spent too. These games are going to be slugfests now and we have a puncher’s chance.

  • Steve D

    Going to bottom of the eighth 9-3…I would not use Familia in the ninth…you may need him multiple innings in coming nights. Let’s see what Terry does.

  • mikeL

    well noah was everything i hoped for…and wasted NO time getting the royals uncomfortable…and then OWNED IT it post-game. and he didn’t need to hold the royals to no runs to do it. great effort all around. great game by david. royals pitchers rattled by raking mets bats. mets showed some serious spunk!
    hope matz is ready to rock tomorrow nite!

    eric: agreed – there were some REALLY bad calls against noah, but dude kept his cool.
    and the offense made sure the bad calls were moot!
    the hot mets are back!

  • Steve D

    Syndegaard buzzing Escobar is causing an uproar with the Royals. He will likely start a Game 7 in KC. While it puts a lot of pressure on him potentially, it may take the pressure off everyone else.