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Tag Him Again, Brewers

The eleventh inning was rolling around
The opposing offenses were making no sound
Boyer the Brewer was manning the mound

Blaine looked to the plate
As the hour grew late
Asdrubal Cabrera was the hitter he found

Cabrera commenced
To single to right
To all, perhaps
An Asdrubal good night?

Flores was the Met
Seen teeing off next
A double to left
Thus entered the text

Cabrera wasn’t swift enough
To bring the run home
These Mets, they don’t scurry;
They’re more prone to roam

Kelly Johnson, class of 2015
Reappeared as a Met, shipped north for ’16
Every year he alights in our midst an ex-Brave [1]
Would his second debut be a game he could save?

Four balls went to Kelly
To load every base
On deck was a batter
They’d much rather face

Milwaukee preferred Plawecki
As most any sharp ballclub would
Plawecki fouled out in an instant
The kid’s not yet very good

Now stepped in Matt Reynolds —
On the depth chart he ranks twenty-five
Yet it was left to disposable Matthew
To attempt to keep Met hope alive

What occurred to conclude [2]
This long Harvey Day [3]
Is better expressed
If we crib Danny Kaye [4]:


Reynolds lined to Villar
Villar clanked the liner

The liner dropped
Then Wilmer stopped

Which seemed to startle

Scooter threw to Carter
Carter tagged out Johnson

But Johnson was
Already out

Once Villar tossed to


He was safe at first

Brew Crew brain cramps
Proved the worst

Asdrubal hustled
Home from third

Broke the tie
Oh my word

Replay challenge [5]
Should confirm

What at last
Hath turned the worm

Milwaukee aimed
Milwaukee missed

To what can we
Attribute this?

The Villar-Scooter-Carter
There-Went-Wilmer twist! [6]