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Reasons for Optimism 2018

Yoenis is trying yoga.

Conforto’s hitting from a tee.

Alderson’s talking up Tebow.

Mickey leaves nobody standing around.

Ah, spring!


Matz is sharp.

A-Gon is wise.

Gsellman’s got flow.

Who knew Ramos was a hoot?

Ah, spring!


Wheeler will do whatever’s best for the team.

Flores will play wherever asked by the team.

Frazier is thrilled to be here.

It wasn’t known Trump Jr. was going to be there.

Ah, spring!


Everybody’s noticing that nobody’s noticing Rosario.

Smith is still in the best shape of everybody’s life.

All those young righty relievers are showing their stuff.

Maybe a young lefty reliever has a chance to emerge.

Ah, spring!


David isn’t playing, but he’s still a leader.

Matt Reynolds is gone, yet Matt den Dekker’s returned.

DeGrom’s left camp to become a father again.

Thor just hit another guy.

Ah, spring!


We have a chance.

We can compete.

We are ready to win.

We’ve got games that don’t count starting Friday.

Ah! Spring!