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Faith and Fear in Flushing made its debut on Feb. 16, 2005, the brainchild of two longtime friends and lifelong Met fans.

Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

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In Lieu of Tonight's Recap...

… we present Sunday afternoon’s.

Or Saturday night’s.

Or Friday’s.

Or Thursday’s.

Honestly, they’re all pretty much the same. Decent starting pitching + no offense, pulse, or clue = no chance. The good news, for the second night in a row, was that the Mets managed a squeak of protest in the middle innings and didn’t get no-hit.

So when’s this going to change? Beats the fuck out of me. When Jarred Kelenic becomes a star? When Jarred Kelenic Jr. becomes a star? When Jeff Wilpon sells the team? Never?

I just know I’m pretty freaking tired of it.

13 comments to In Lieu of Tonight’s Recap…

  • Gil

    Cue the Chinese ground crew: “they’re shitty.”

  • Daniel Hall

    I would have watched the condensed version now, but the box score showed me all there was to see. When Flay Flooze leads your offense…..

    Poor Jason, though. If you need a pinch-hitter for a recap at some point … (grabs a bat that has already splintered and puts on a helmet that is so big it covers his eyes) … put me in, coach! =)

    On a more serious note, today’s a convenient day game and despite the dizzying freefall in progress, I fully intent to watch it. I must be mad.

  • Jacobs27

    Well, at least it was quick. (The game I mean).

  • LeClerc

    But isn’t Alex Cobb a shoo-in to beat Verlander for the Cy Young honors ?

  • Since64

    “So when’s it going to change”, you ask? First we have to understand what happened.
    I don’t know that any of us have the tools to answer that one.

    I suspect that It’s in the clubhouse after that loss to Washington, that was noted in this column, that things started to change quickly. Someone said something, may have been a player, maybe Callaway, maybe one of the coaches, I don’t know.
    But whatever it was, it put the fear of God into those players, and nothing was ever the same…

  • K. Lastima

    With this woeful 3-hit loss to awful O’s, the Mets are now officially the team that everyone else looks at the schedule to see when they play them

    • Daniel Hall

      Eh, exactly where you want to be. In the heads of your opponents.

      Any which way.

      Any. Which. Way.

  • Pete the Midnight Golfer

    Why won’t the Wilpons sell the team? The team isn’t hapless. The front office isn’t even hapless. The front office is not good at micro-managing. But as we sadly move up the chain of command, we arrive at Sandy and Fred and Jeffie. The latter two are short term reactive and long term hapless. Why won’t they bow out gracefully? I don’t think they are snakebit. I just don’t think they are a well owned team.

  • mikeL

    i remember that oh-you-didn’t-just-say ‘free-fall’ comment from callaway…and there it began. seems things went from (my) feeling like losses would be doled out ever so stingily over the course of the season to waiting for the usual maladies to doom another season. what happened in the collective mets consciousness – who knows – but it feels like the team began the season feeling unbeatable..and then the alarm clock went off.
    well, we’ll always have late 2015 and early april 2018.

  • Greg Mitchell

    All goes back to Sandy 1) putting most of marbles in young starters just when most of rest of baseball realized they always gets hurt and young stud position players the way to go (see: Cubs, Yanks etc.) and 2) with ONE big contract to utilize he chooses aging, always broken down Cespedes–not a hindsight call but what many feared at time.

    Everything flows from there. With little talent coming up, and little dough, the signing of over the hill AGonz, Bruce, Frazier, Reyes became inevitable. Leading to unwatchable team, lower profits, and even less money for future.

  • Bob

    Mets season so far in 1 word–

    In 1963, this act was funny, in 1993–NOT funny,
    In 2018–pathetic……..

    Bob-Met fan since 1963-Polo Grounds—Let’s Go Mets!

  • mikeski

    Annnnd again.

    7 great innings from Wheeler, and a 1-0 loss.

    The Mets have fallen and they can’t get up.

  • Steve D

    Just more of the same from the worst franchise in the history of baseball at developing hitters. Expect one all-star hitter per decade on average.