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The Adventures of Pete & Not Pete

You knew me as Peter if you knew me at all
I tower several inches above six feet tall
I’d prefer if rather than Peter you please call me Pete
Get me onto the roster, I’ll get you out of your seat

You’ve known me as Dominic or interchangeably Dom
I used to be a prospect you’d ache to take to the prom
That was before you saw me play yet rarely succeed
From my ranks of supporters you were swift to secede

Pete here — you should now know me as that
I trust you’re growing familiar with my big booming bat
Have you caught my power-laden act thus far this spring?
Have your eyes lit up once they’re filled with my swing?

I’m still Dominic or interchangeably Dom
I, too, am capable of launching the occasional bomb
My entire game has improved, just like my demeanor
I can hit balls past fences, I can smother a ’tweener

Don’t ya wanna see Pete, your potential new idol?
Wouldn’t ignoring my talent make ya just wanna bridle?
I’m hearing crazy things about years of control
Hey, focus on offense — mine’s on a roll!

As a former hyped rookie I’m wishing Pete well
But having been Dominic has been kinda hell
All that went wrong for me has gone in for repair
You can’t ignore two kid first basemen amid a March tear

Listen Dom, I rake righty, I see you lash left
If we’re both in New York, our platoon could be deft
I’m up for a timeshare that looms as productive
The sum of our lumber is surely seductive

Pete, my amigo, I’m in no spot to complain
Discounting our hot streaks would be simply insane
We’ll share the position till one of us slumps
I know from hard knocks we’ll encounter speed bumps

You got a deal, Dom; now someone inform Brodie
Omitting our wood will make fans ornery as Grote
As you can infer, I’ve studied Met lore
I plan to add my name to it when I go four-for-four

They can spell yours just “Pete,” me I’m chill on the choice
Having sputtered for two years will soften one’s voice
Call me Dominic, Dom, Mister Smith or Ol’ Smitty
A team without each of us would be a real pity