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Kepp On Truckin'

The Sixth Circle of Met Hell is still being wrangled. You'd think with temperatures in the 20s that it would be fun to warm up there, but it's a job.

In the meantime, we get letters, this one from reader Joel Fradin. He knows who he wants to play second for Los Metropolitanatos en el Nuevo Año. It's not Japan's greatest shortstop, it's not the 1-for-18 guy and it's not the man whom a dear friend who used to post here refers to as Mark Unpronounceable.

Joel Fradin, tell 'em who you want:

I suspect the Mets hierarchy is influenced by blogs like yours. Do me a favor: please publicize the fact that Kepp has hit everywhere he has been, including 30 games in the bigs. He's a younger Grudz and deserves a full shot. Please help.

Not exactly a long-distance dedication, but there ya go, Joel. If Omar Minaya is the least bit influenced by the Faith and Fear Faithful's call for Jeff Keppinger, I'll be a Mookie's uncle. But thanks for your confidence in our pull.

For our next trick, we'll roll back box seat prices to 1977 levels and revive Banner Day. Of course my banner will require like twelve bedsheets.

Back to Hell…

I go marginally soft on Bernie Williams at Gotham Baseball [1]. I think it's out of releaser's remorse where Mike is concerned.