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That's Why They Put Erasers on Pencils

To our affiliates along the New York Mets blogging network:

If you were kind enough to post a link or a save a bookmark to Faith and Fear in Flushing before December 2005, chances are you have an outdated URL that won't get you here. Two months ago, our blog host compelled us to change addresses but notified us we had an unspecified transition period in which the old one would work.

That transition period apparently ran out today. D'oh!

To ensure that you and/or your readers can find us, please update your Faith and Fear in Flushing link/bookmark to this:


We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support.

(And please don't ask the perfectly logical question, “How am I reading this if I don't already have the new URL?” One miracle at a time, folks.)

A note to our fellow Mets bloggers who aren't yet listed among our links: You will be up there very shortly. The way we do things here is one of us holds the blog links while the other one turns the ladder. If you've notified us of your existence, we have made note and we are planning on adding you. If we don't know that you are a Mets blogger, please let us know you are by e-mailing us at faithandfear@gmail.com and you will be part of the listings.

Naturally, if any of you have changed your URLs since you went live, please drop us a line and we'll update.

Thanks everybody.