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Holy Timoniel!

Great Timo's Ghost! After following Jason's suggestion and reading Jayson Stark [1], I just realized the Double Tag Double Play was the spiritual undoing of the last Game One [2] the Mets were in. This time it was our outfielder and our infielder who executed beautifully, and this time it was the other team's baserunners who looked clueless, presumptuous and defeated.
The Kent-Drew Kamikaze also echoed the first regular-season game Paul Lo Duca caught as a Met, when everything turned on his WHOA! play at the plate [3]. Then he knew exactly what he was doing. Here, he had no idea what was going on, yet the result was twice as great. May this first postseason game Paul Lo Duca caught as a Met set the same kind of tone he and his teammates set six months and a day earlier.
I had just settled down. Now I'm revved up again.