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Reality Trumps Satire

I swear, the headlines on ESPN's baseball page right now read like a two-year-old Onion come to life. Among them:
Report: Torre to be fired, replaced by Piniella
A-Rod: 'I sucked'
Bonderman: Perfect through five…
Law: No fight in Yanks
Mets sweep Dodgers to advance
New York's bullpen slams door late…
Beimel apologizes to teammates for cut hand
Fewer than dozen fans greet dazed Yanks in New York
Then you scroll down for the piece de resistance:
Monday Oct. 2: A Bronx Bash
The Yankees haven't won the World Series since 2000, but they will recapture glory this October. Jayson Stark explains why [1].
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to slamming Red Bull so I can stay awake forever and enjoy this.