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Take That, Ya Big Chicken!


We’ve always suspected Atlanta is the municipal equivalent of an intentional walk, and here’s your proof: BALK! BALK! BALK! BALK!

Yeah, that’s the Big Chicken, the unofficial mascot of Braves baseball circa 2006, and that’s our own NostraDennis, Dennis McCarthy, passing through Marietta, Ga., with his chest puffed out proudly to display his Faith and Fear digits for all Braves fans to see (also pictured: all Braves fans). It was fitting Dennis wore 37, 14, 41 and 42 since those were the paid attendance figures for the last four Braves home playoff games.

Which were a while ago now.

Not pictured: Dennis showing off one more special Met digit on a side trip to Turner Field.

If you’re wearing, you should be sharing. Send us a photo of yourself in your Faith and Fear t-shirt and we’ll likely post it here. Wear it on enemy turf and we’llĀ totally post it.