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Mota-ring! What's Your Price for Flight?

First Glavine [1], now Mota [2]. Gone and gone! Ohmigod, what have we done to deserve this? Not having to root any longer for two guys I and, I suspect, most of us never wanted on the Mets must be like when your sentence is suspended by a kindly judge or president. It’s a Get Out Of Mezzanine Jail Free card…twice!

Who’d we get for Guillermo the choking, cheating coward who sucks on so many levels that I do believe he is the perfect storm of suckitude? Does it matter? Not really. But it’s a catcher, Johnny Estrada, the dude who mixed it up with Ned Yost in the Miller Park runway last August. Johnny Estrada, to whom I have always referred privately as Johnny Blue Jeans for no reason except the name stuck in my mind from a show I never watched [3] but for which I saw a ton of commercials ten years ago, is pretty good I seem to recall (until somebody produces those helpful stats that will make me realize what a disaster he is and how I’ll be an idiot for enjoying his first RBI), though he does move from club to club quite a bit. Is there a correlation between his being on his fifth team in eight seasons and his personality? The fighting with managers maybe? Is he some kind of catching Bruce Chen [4]? Whatever. I’m guessing he’s better than our heretofore tentative 2008 starting catcher, which was slated to be 40% Ramon Castro and 60% I Don’t Know [5].

And I don’t care. Not when Mota’s out the same door Glavine just went through. You give me anything short of food poisoning for Mota and it will be a Happy Thanksgiving.