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To Sign Santana: $37,144,142 Per Annum?

Faith and Fear reader Steve Rogers wasn’t suggesting a yearly compensation package to satisfy the demands of Johan Santana when he visited the Ritz-Carlton in San Juan. He was, of course, showing off the only four (for now) retired numbers in Mets history on his FAFIF t-shirt (click here [1] to get yours), giving it, as Omar Minaya has tentatively bestowed upon us, some sun in January. Reports Steve, “Spotted in the casino, I was asked if I was going to play any of those numbers! Sadly only 14 is available on the roulette wheel, not that I didn’t use 36, 24, 5, 17, 8, 16, 18, 7 and others in heavy rotation, though this past weekend was not my weekend in that casino.”

Can’t wait for 57 to come up a winner at Shea.