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Stop Whatever You're Doing…

…and read this [1]. It is Mets By The Numbers [2]' q&a (third part of a three-part series) with longtime beat writer Marty Noble, formerly of Newsday, now with mlb.com. It may be the best and most eclectic history of the New York Mets ever recorded.

Kudos to mbtn and its founder, Jon Springer, on beginning a tenth year [3] of tracking Met numerology with such understanding, insight and wry humor. He and fellow obsessive Matt Silverman (who's got a fun new blog of his own, Metsilverman [4], worth checking out) have released a book based on Mets By The Numbers and it will be reviewed here early next week. Until then, ya gotta read the Noble piece. You'll never think of half the Mets you think you know the same way again.