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Because They're So Smooth

Tell the contractors we'll need another shelf in the Citi Field trophy case, with Carlos Beltran and David Wright bringing to the new joint a couple of familiar trophies. Each defender won another Gold Glove [1] Wednesday, third straight for Carlos, second in a row for David (this one, I believe, way more deserved than the last one [2]). Johan Santana, A.L. winner in '07, will have to wait 'til this time next year for his first National League mitt o' glitter as the voters are still in the habit of reflexively handing the pitchers' award to Greg Maddux. The great Maddux, who earned my appreciation for passing Roger Clemens [3] on the all-time wins list in 2008, is leaning toward quietly hangin' 'em up [4], which also tops everything Clemens the drama queen ever did regarding retirement.

Technically, the Gold Gloves go home with the players, but maybe there'll be something in the Citi Field trophy case signifying the accomplishments of Beltran and Wright. Maybe there'll be a Citi Field trophy case even.