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A Fantasy Comes True

For some [1], it must seem like a fantasy that their perennially pathetic football team has made it to the championship game. Two Sundays from now, their fantasy will come true.

For others [2], it must seem like a fantasy that someone who looks like them is about to be sworn in as President of the United States. Tuesday at noon, their fantasy will come true.

For one friend of mine, his fantasy is happening right now.

Jeff Hysen — bmfc1 here on occasion and, as he points out, “the only person to sit with Greg [3] and then Jason [4] at two different Mets games in Nationals Park” — is in Port St. Lucie. As Pitchers & Catchers is weeks away, he’s too early to watch the 2009 Mets take the field. But he’s right on time to do so himself.

Yes, Jeff is a New York Mets Fantasy Camper. I asked him to share his early thoughts on what being such a thing is actually like with Faith and Fear.

“First of all,” Jeff stresses, “this week is a gift, a generous one at that, from my parents for my 50th birthday. They offered to send me after my 49th but I wanted a year to get in better shape and look forward to the experience. I’ve dropped 18 pounds, taken some hitting lessons, and looked forward to this for 14 months.”

Jeff sports a Mets license plate and carries a Mets keychain and, most importantly, maintains a great sense of Met self. “I grew up in Great Neck and moved to Maryland 21 years ago,” he explains. “Leaving New York, and then having two sons, didn’t lessen my love for all things blue and orange. Instead, my devotion to the Mets has increased as I’ve gotten older.”

And now, through Saturday, he is a Met.

All this week, Jeff will be, as his coaches allow — “If Pete Schourek wants to go for a beer, I’m going” — sending us dispatches which we are honored to pass along in admiration and a bit of envy (for being in warm weather if nothing else).

“As an attorney for over 20 years,” Jeff insists on adding, “my writing has gotten drier over time. Statement of facts, points of law, argument, conclusion. Yawn. By attorney standards, I’m a riot, but as a blogger, not so much.” I’m not too worried about Jeff’s communication skills (he got his love of the Mets across to his parents, something not all of us are very good at), but he did want to let everyone know that “my family will be reading the Comments, so try and be nice.”

Mets Players and Coaches Also in St. Lucie This Week

John Stearns

Ron Swoboda

Pete Schourek

Bobby Floyd

Duffy Dyer

Jim McAndrew

Joe Pignatano

Pat Zachry

Willie Montañez

Felix Millan

Rafael Santana

Rod Gaspar

Kevin Baez

Mickey Brantley

Lenny Randle

Guy Conti

Buzz Capra

Randy Neimann

Eric Hillman

Bobby Wine

Doug Flynn

Rodney McCray

Anthony Young

A different kind of fantasy gathering, but one ideal for those wishing a little less exertion: the Baseball Assistance Team dinner, in Manhattan, a week from Tuesday. Lots of Mets heroes on hand there, too. For more information on the January 27 event, please visit the B.A.T. site [5].