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Wicked Game

The Faith and Fear t-shirt made its overdue New England debut a week ago courtesy of the KingmanFan clan, representing at the Fens in true blue and orange style. From left to right, that’s Sky himself, accompanied to Fenway by wife Lisa and daughter Lauren (their shirts are nice, too). Reports our longtime commenter, “Received many inquiries as to where I got “that really cool shirt”, even from some Sox fans. Sox fans were especially friendly and gracious, which I suppose comes easy when you’ve won two WS in five years. We talked baseball, they recommended restaurants (Cannoli from Mike’s are as good as any in NY), we mocked Yankee fans. A great time all around, thanks to Johan & co.”

To look that wicked good at home or on the road this summer, grab yourself a FAFIF shirt [1] and stay in the game the way KingmanFan does.