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Uni Watch FTW

Some folks will never forgive him for his Piazza-related tantrum, but this Paul Lukas bit [1] nails everything that’s wrong with the current Mets regime (and what’s wrong is pretty much everything) in one succinct blast:

It’s all too much. The Bernazard thing, the vanilla stadium with the corporate name and the 37 price tiers, the GM who thinks it’s a good idea to call out a beat writer at a press conference, the bottomless pit of medical misdiagnoses — and I’m not even counting the on-field performance. I’m just talking about the most basic aspects of team ownership and stewardship. These guys aren’t just bad at it; they’re the definition of dysfunctional. If the Mets were their kid, Child Services would’ve whisked the team into foster care years ago.

Lousy way to say Happy Thanksgiving, but we’re Mets fans. We have to expect that our retro gravy will be lumpy and not really like the gravy we once knew and loved, and will cost more and get cold while we sit through a self-serving speech that’s stupefyingly inaccurate, and then we’ll choke on it and the family doctor will yell that we’re having a heart attack when even a half-blind resident could tell we aren’t and he’ll burn the crap out of us with those electric paddles, and while we’re recuperating and wondering what the hell happened, the guests we were told about will arrive but they won’t be young, interesting guests, they’ll be old, shuffling guests, and Mom will beam while looking a little desperate and say that everything will be great now, because they’ve got a lot of experience at Thanksgiving.

I’ll be in my room hiding. You can have my yams.