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Omar Clarifies Everything, Per Usual

Omar Minaya has told [1]Newsday [1]…ah, y’know what? I was going to update the saga of the ‘scope, but honestly, what’s the point? Without getting into Minaya’s crystal-clear explanation that he did talk to Beltran but he didn’t tell Beltran to have the surgery but there’s no problem between the organization and Beltran even though the organization — which may be a misnomer since nobody running the Mets seems particularly organized — has gone to great lengths to express it does have a problem with Beltran, suffice it to say Omarspeak is having its way with clarity once again.

To sum up:

• The Mets are still without one of their most important players.
• It’s a wonder the people running the club don’t lock themselves out of their offices every night.