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Rust Never Sleeps

While sitting here hopng the J-E-T-S will B-E-A-T the Chargers (and coming up with reasons to dislike the City of San Diego…stupid zoo), I’ve been kindly sent a link to a segment of vintage Art Rust, Jr. from 1981, at the beginning of his tenure on WABC. It’s a Spring Training show during which Art — whom we lost this week [1] — forecasts unseasonably blue skies for the rapidly improving the Mets. Lots of guys who can “hit the rock,” a big comeback by “Swannie” and so much more.

Listen to this if you were a fan of New York’s only nightly sports talk fix from that era. Listen to this, too, if you missed him entirely. We were six years from WFAN, and he sounds nothing like WFAN. It doesn’t even sound that much like 1981 (which sources inform me was almost thirty years ago), but that was part of Art’s charm.

And look out for Joel Youngblood at the hot corner this year.

AUDIO HERE: Art Rust, Jr. on WABC [2]