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And I’m Feelin’ Vlad All Over


I can’t believe they walked somebody to get to you.

Not The Yankees [2] got the job done. Congratulations Texas Rangers for coming into your own [3]. Congratulations to my favorite player who’s never been a Met, who — had free agency been more wisely deployed in the winter of 2004 — could have been a Met, who used to beat the Mets more than I cared for and is now going to his first World Series.

It’s a little late to fully introduce Vladimir Guerrero to America [4] (especially the precincts of the nation served by Cablevision). The Vlad I always admired — whom, during his Montreal heyday, I sardonically referred to as The Greatest Player Who Ever Lived, in deference to the kudos Met announcers regularly showered on his gunk-covered helmet — isn’t around anymore. That Vlad had five, six, maybe a dozen tools. Age and injury has reduced him to a designated hitter. But when he swings, no matter what he swings at, he’s still Vlad Guerrero to me.

Ex-Expo, Ex-Angel, Never Met [5] and now American League Champion Texas Ranger, the DH who drove in the go-ahead runs that turned the defending World Champions into last year’s news. [6]

Which would make just about anybody my favorite player right now.